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DUO Unique
An 'unique' DUO, with a big and full sound !!


Who is Duo Unique ?
A duo with unlimited
possibilities for almost every occasion.
!! Nothing is to crazy !!

What is 'Unique' and what are the possibilities?
With all-round repertoire we bring you the greatest hits from the past 70 years.

We can play in shoppingcenters, markets
and other indoor / outdoor activities .
!! No power supply or cables needed !!
Therefore the 'Perfecte Sound' will be created on every place.

On Weddings and Reception can be chosen for 'Background Music'
With 'Easy listening' & Golden Love Songs' you can have a conversation without disturb .
Also you can even choose to add some trumpetsignals for opening your event.
You don't have to book an other act, what saves a lot of time and money !!!
At our Items you'll find a list from our offers.

you want some
recognizable dance-music?
That's not a probem either.
With a big equipment and quality tapes we can make it a big party !
Do you have an event in a special 'theme'
     We have a big collection of theme-outfits.

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